Let’s talk about cPanel

Let’s talk about cPanel

Designing, launching and maintaining a website can present a wide variety of different challenges for both the novice and veteran developers. Also, before any site is deployed, it is essential that the site owner scouts out someone to host the site if they do not already have someone in this industry already lined up. Whatever the case or situation, there is one hosting platform that small businesses and website owners alike are taking advantage of today, and it is called cPanel. So, for those of you who are interested in knowing more about cPanel and what it offers to its users, here’s some invaluable information that you should review. (more…)

Offsite Backup: Backing Up Your Website The Smart Way

You’ve put up your website online for all to see. While it’s a great way to start, how secure is your website? Symantec estimates that as many as 85% of companies did not disclose their data breaches in 2015, and there were over one million web attacks each day in 2015.

A Complete Guide: How To Create A Website From Scratch

There was a time when creating your own website from scratch was a complicated task. It often required an in-depth knowledge of coding, scripts, and computer programming. This meant that an average Joe, like myself, was not able to create a website of his own. You would have to rely on the ‘professionals’ to have your website up and running. Not only did that cost you a significant amount of money, you had little or no input in the overall design, look, and feel of your own site! Heck, I remember the time when simple things like changing the font on your website required a ‘professional’ intervention. (more…)